Business Online Services

Online Banking

This is a fast, convenient and secure way to access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With online banking, you can do the following:

  • Real-Time Viewing of Transaction Activity
  • Instant Access to Account Balances and Transfers.
  • Search Check Images, Transactions and View History.
  • Set up Alerts for Account Monitoring.


To enroll your business or organization, please contact your Branch or Account Officer either in person, by phone or by email for specific enrollment instructions.

Online e-alert

You can set up email or text alert from your online banking.

Cash Management

At American Plus Bank, we understand that cash flow and the ability to send and receive funds securely, easily and quickly is important to your business. Our digital toolbox has the tools necessary to pay your employees and receive funds from your customers – without leaving your desk.

ACH Origination

Allows your company to generate batch credit or debit transactions through business Online Banking. Whether you’d like to pay your employees by direct deposit, or debit your tenants electronically, ACH Origination may be your business solution.

Online Wire

Does your business regularly send wire transfers? American Plus Bank allows one-time and recurring wires, both foreign and domestic, through our business Online Banking wire service portal.

Remote Deposit Capture

This service allows business customers to scan checks remotely and transmit the check images to the bank for deposit, without leaving your office. Simply use a check image scanner and your computer to submit checks through a secured link to American Plus Bank. You can make deposits 24/7, access your funds more quickly, save time and money, and reduce errors.

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Mobile Banking 

Try Our New Mobile Banking App!

New! Introducing MOBILE BANKING to enhance your banking experience with us. Just download the American Plus Bank Business App and get started. Take a picture of a check with your mobile phone to make a deposit to your account. It’s that easy!

Please Download American Plus Bank Business App from your Mobile App Store


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